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 I am...Hysteria. THE NEW POKEMON MASTER! -Fist Pump-

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PostSubject: I am...Hysteria. THE NEW POKEMON MASTER! -Fist Pump-   Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:00 pm

Job: (Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder, Ranger, or Watcher)
Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder.
Age: (10 to 18 )
10 years old
Hysteria was born in the small sad place called Lavender Town. As a small child she was surrounded with sadness, and she always swore that she would never let that get her down. Her father was the famous Name Rater. Oddly enough being around such sadness and having no one else to play with as a child she created bonds with the Pokemon that come through the city. She now knows how to understand Pokemon. Not really understanding their words but understanding their actions.
Hysteria's personality is very upbeat and outgoing. Never sad or depressed. Very Prideful. Brave as can be. Can be extremely lazy. Her humor is very morbid. She is very determined, No one can change her mind. Most would describe her as an optimistic pessimist.
First Pokemon: 


His nickname is Cynder.
Cynder has a Lax Nature.
He loves to eat, often dozes off, Likes to relax and doesn't like to be bothered with fighting. Although he doesn't like fighting when he is in battle he is highly cunning. He can't take many hits but that doesn't really matter because he is always 3 steps ahead and ready to dodge. Battling is bothersome and he wants it over as soon as possible, but he doesn't like to lose and can become strong willed in a hard battle. He is also highly curious and can be found going through peoples stuff and snooping around.
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I am...Hysteria. THE NEW POKEMON MASTER! -Fist Pump-
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