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 Upcoming Pokemon Master: Khaleel!

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PostSubject: Upcoming Pokemon Master: Khaleel!   Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:46 pm

Job: Trainer,of course.
Age: 14
Bio: It's always been my dream to be the No.01 pokemon trainer in history.Now I'm out to achieve it.Watch out if your first name happens to be Ash...
Personaltity: Kind, Brave, Funny, and kinda smart.
First Pokemon: Chimchar
Appearance: African American,orange shirt with long gray sleeves,dark blue jeans,and white/blue sneakers.
Pokemon: Pyro(Infernape),Leaf(Meganium),Indigo(Crobat),Wolf(Manetric),Midnight(Umbreon),and Kingslo(Slowking)[justify]
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Upcoming Pokemon Master: Khaleel!
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