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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pokemon! At this Pokemon Academy you will be taught to become a Pokemon Trainer, Breeder, Ranger, Watcher, or Researcher; and now Pokemon.
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 i has returned :P hopefully others will too ;D

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PostSubject: i has returned :P hopefully others will too ;D   Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:41 am

hey guyz Razz
well i have a few reasons for my absence:
1:my computer just....sizzled and broke x) so when i got a new one for christmas, i had to fix a lot (transfer documents for school,pics...etc)
2. i've been abroad A LOT recently to visit relatives and stuff like that (seen Mockingbird368 while in baltimore <3)
and 3. i had prelims just recently, so i had to STUDYSTUDY STUDYY! x( hated it but i passed them so that's ok Wink

for now i'll only be using Maylene and Alannah, so here be their new profiles!

Name:Alannah Delcourt
Bio:born and raised in floaroma town, Alannah remained with her father,Joseph until she was 8,where she spent 11 months in military school.after leaving,she enroled in language school or two years,where she learned to speak most european languages.after losing the riding championships in veilstone city,she waited six months before hearing a close friend of hers is in a pokemon academy,so she decided to enrole to fufill her mother's last request that she become a researcher
Personality:Alannah is a very intellegent girl who is brave and always up to protect her friends and family,up for a fight if need be
First Pokemon:a shiny ponyta that she named Dies Irae,who she is normally seen seen riding and has evolved into rapidash
pokemon team:

species:shiny Rapidash
move set: flamethrower
extreme speed(his arcanine father taught him this move)

species:sandshrew->sandslash(note, as a sandshrew,desert is about half the size of a normal sandshrew)
move set: sandstorm
gyro ball
crush claw

Move set: petal dance
energy ball
solar beam

Name:Maylene O'Meara
Job:breeder (she was a ranger, but decided she'd be better to stick to breeding)
age: now 12
Bio: Maylene is Colin's younger sister.who lived with him and their parents until Colin was 5 and she had just turned 4,when a tidal wave came and killed both her parents and she and her brother were taken into care.Maylene was then taken to live with her two aunts,Lily and Lydia.Lily was very strict and kept trying to teach her the height of ettiquete,she has a short temper and doesn't tend to put up with any nonsense,Lydia however is a free spirited,kind and uderstanding woman who always taught Maylene to look on the bright side of life,Maylene got along much better with Lydia,mainly because Lydia was much like her mother in a lot of ways. although she was seperated from Colin for most of her for most of her life,Lydia took her every 6 months to see him, which is where she met her "friend" Aaron Knight.After hearing from Colin how good pokemon trainer academy was, she decided to join her brother and friends at the academy.
Personality:bubbly,sweet,ambitious. can be clingy and quick to assume things
first pokemon: a glameow that she found as a young child. it's previous trainer dyed it's fur black and stuck a crecent moon on her forehead,but abandoned it. Maylene took her in and named her luna
move set: iron tail
shadow ball
shadow claw
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i has returned :P hopefully others will too ;D
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