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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pokemon! At this Pokemon Academy you will be taught to become a Pokemon Trainer, Breeder, Ranger, Watcher, or Researcher; and now Pokemon.
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PostSubject: Some more characters...   Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:47 pm

Student Sheet
Name: Kyle Knight and Kelly Knight
Job: Kyle: Trainer/Breeder Kelly: Breeder/Coordnatior
Age: both: 12 years
Bio: These two are Aaron's cousins from Veilstone City in Sinnoh. Kelly went to a dance school a few years ago and Kyle went to military school to learn diciplin. The duo are usually seen together causing mischief towards others playing pranks and teasing people. Kelly and Kyle also are Nat and Narri's rivals following them and their cousin to the school they kinda aren't original when it comes to most things they do and say.
Personality: Kyle and Kelly are like Yin and Yang, Kyle is calm, even tempered and can keep a cool head in an arguement were as Kelly is hot-headed, short tempered and can't help but shout in an arguement and solve things with violence.
First pokemon: Kyle's first pokemon was a male machop named Max but recently evolved into Machoke(his name is still Max). Kelly's first pokemon was a male rufflet named Red.
Appearence: Kyle is the black haired boy on avatar, Kelly is the blonde haired girl on avater.
Kyle's pokemon:
move set:
Dynamic Punch
Close Combat
Ice Punch

Kelly's pokemon:
move set:
Sky Drop
Areal Ace
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Some more characters...
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