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 The new girls

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PostSubject: The new girls   Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:24 am

Student Sheet
Names: Natasha (Nat) Aurara Williams and Narri Twilight Shadows Williams
Job: (Nat) Trainer/Breeder (Narri)Trainer/Watcher
Age: 11 years (they are twins)
Bio: The twins are Tala's cousins from Opelucid City and decided to come join after hearing how much their favourite cousin liked the school. Nat and Narri are almost inseperateable but when they are alone there is usually a reason behind it.
Personality: Nat is a bubbly cheery girl who likes to talk being a witch needs to recite spells and rituals. Nat is a little shy but likes to meet new people.
Narri is a serious patient girl who clamly deals with any situation. She like Nat can be a witch but only uses one spell, teleportation as she has taken to being a ninja. As a ninja she never talks. Being so silent makes her a deadly opponent as you never know what she will do next. She lives by two sayings 'silent but deadly' and 'move with the wind and you'll never be heard.'
First pokemon: Nat's first pokemon is a male Lillipup named Kiba. Narri's first pokemon is a male Riolu named Skyrim.
Appearence: Nat has shortish light brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a blue newsboy cap with a purple band on it, blue bell bottom jeans, a red top, a purple jacket, and purple convers trainers.
Narri has longish dark brown hair and red eyes. She wears a black reversable hoodie the hood is always over her head as she also has Riolu wears(Nat was practicing a spell and it went wrong) with a black top, shortish blue skirt black leggings that sit in the middle of her thigh a yellow choker necklace blac gloves and black slip on shoes. (her outfit is based on riolu)
Nat's pokemon:
move set:
Take Down
Giga Impact

Narri's pokemon:
move set:
Blaze Kick
Force Palm
Aura Sphere

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The new girls
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