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 Hello I'm Tala nice to meet you ^_^'

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PostSubject: Hello I'm Tala nice to meet you ^_^'   Fri May 11, 2012 1:05 pm

Student Sheet
Name: Tala Shinju
Job: Trainer and Co-ordinater
Age: 11 years
Tala has lived in Johto for most of her life in Ecruteak City with her relatives. She is very interested in legendry pokemon and wishes to meet and play her flute, violin or Ocarina for each of them... She grew up watching and learning about music, dance and legendries. When she was younger she became very scared of steel type pokemon and lost a lot of self-confidence so when she was about 7 years old began to play instruments to build up confidence and has loved them ever since. Now she wants to learn all she can about pokemon in how to raise and care for them before going out in search of the legendries.
Tala is a bubbly, shy girl who likes to keep out of trouble and is often shy when in a new place or situation with new people, often seen blushing nervously. She isn't a very big talker but likes to listen but will always answer or comment truthfully (speak her mind). She talks to herself or her pokemon a lot and even argues too. She usually likes to be nice but when in battle becomes a different person who's-in-it-to-win-it and doesn't like it to be dull. Other than pokemon Tala likes stargazing, reading, playing the flute, violin or ocarina and listening to most kinds of music. Tala also has a bit of an obsession with the colour red having at least a hint of the colour in her outfits which she makes herself.
First Pokemon: Instinct the Absol
She is about 5' 02" has long-ish rich auburn hair, wolf amber eyes, her outfits always change but are all hand made and all have at least a hint of red.
Name: Instinct
Species: Absol
Gender: Female
Ability: Super Luck
Move set:
Future Sight
Raor Wind
Perish Song
*Instinct is much bigger than most Absol
*Despite being a dark type knows no dark type moves
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Hello I'm Tala nice to meet you ^_^'
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