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 Ghostly Scare

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PostSubject: Ghostly Scare   Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:18 pm

Bloom wandered through the mines. She needed a third Pokemon for the competition. All of a sudden, a Pokemon appeared in front of her and screeched. Startled, Bloom fell backwards. The Pokemon giggled, it's eyes gleaming with mischief. Bloom checked her Pokedex. "Misdreavus, the prankster Pokemon. It loves to bite and yank people's hair from behind without warning, just to see their shocked reactions." Bloom acted on instinct and sent out Chimchar. Chimchar used flamethrower causing Misdreavus to crash into the cave wall. Misdreavus just giggled, and used shadow ball. Chimchar thought quickly and dodged, then sent another flamethrower towards the ghost Pokemon. It caused a burn, and Misdreavus was getting weak. Bloom threw a pokeball, but it was still full of energy and broke out. After a few more attacks, she threw another. She held her breath as it shook, then sighed with relief when it clicked. Her third friend.
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Ghostly Scare
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