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 Bo on the search(Comy and Sean and whoever else wants)

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PostSubject: Bo on the search(Comy and Sean and whoever else wants)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:55 pm

Bo skate boarded up to the ranger teachure's house. if any one knew the password,it was the rannger teachure,and she needed to know it. but he probably wasn't going to just GIVE it to her,but he'd proabably leave clues around his house in case he forgot it. Bo ducked down behind the side of the house and waited for Sean,who was back at the front of the street. Bo signaled him with the shiny part of the wheel on her skateboard that reflected the sun in his derection and waited. if he got the signal,he would find a way to get the teachure out of the house.
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Bo on the search(Comy and Sean and whoever else wants)
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