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 Another Character (Everyone Else Is Doing It So...)

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PostSubject: Another Character (Everyone Else Is Doing It So...)   Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:31 am

Student Sheet

Name: Trix (Surname is unknown)

Job: Trainer

Age: 14

Bio: Born and raised in Floaroma Town, Trix has always dreamed of becoming a well-known female scientist. After spending eight years surrounded by the annoying but kind-hearted neighbouring children she finally met someone who she could take under her wing and become close to, closer than all the others. This person was Hana as she had just moved to Floaroma Town to live with her aunt and cousins. She was more of a sister to Hana, helping her out and taking care of her when her assistance was needed. When the day came for Hana to leave for the academy, Trix vowed to save up the money to go there and be re-united with her non-blood-related family.

Personaltity: She's quite laid back. She's the smartest person in Floaroma Town under 18 and is very skilled in technology specifically. She never freaks out and rarely loses her cool. She's quite the serious type as well as the most mature of people and values her research/work greatly.

First Pokemon: Mareep

She has black, hip-length hair that she almost always has tied up. She has purple contacts, her natural eye colour being blue. She wears purple/pink stylish glasses, an orange fashion tie, a thin white shirt-like sleeveless jacket with black hems, black shorts with large silver studs on the pockets and below-the-knee black high tops with white buckles. She also wears a black and white buckled bracelet on one arm along with a mysterious tied shoelace with two small beads on it. Despite her being the same age as Hana she looks around the same age as Emily, causing confusion amongst the teachers.


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PostSubject: Re: Another Character (Everyone Else Is Doing It So...)   Thu May 17, 2012 1:51 pm

NAME Amy Newstar
AGE 14
BIO She is a soft hearted trainer who loves all her pokemon. But she also can talk and show her EMBARRASSED side at the best of times. She cares for pokemon and is positively sweet natured though.
Region/city Amy was born in hoenn did all regions and now is walking her way through Unova. Her mum was a coordinator and her dads a water type gym leader in Slateport city. Her hometown is little root.
USUAL APPEARANCE she has long black hair (jet-black) and she wears a short white and pink dress with a lucky bracelet and white leggings with small baby pink and white high-tops.
POKEMON all except fist are different for every region.
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PostSubject: Re: Another Character (Everyone Else Is Doing It So...)   Tue Jan 19, 2016 6:05 am

Name Amy Poker aka Amerillya oak
age 10
bio : again is the great grand daugther of professor samuel oak and niece to Gary Oak and  she idolizes Ash and Gary hates that she was born and raise in pallet town when she was 5 years old Ash gave her a Pikachu poke doll her great grandpa gave her a poke talker it's app on the pokedex she carries arould with her always what hasn't yet so it might be in her back pack or in her room staying warm
USUAL APPEARANCE: her hair is just like Sailor moon [ if you know what anime i'm talking about ] Brown wears blue jeans and a black shirt with Crescent moon
First pokemon : Pikachu nickname Sesshomaru

Pokemon Professor: Oak
Kano in pallet town

MoonChild Like a Star @ heaven

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PostSubject: Re: Another Character (Everyone Else Is Doing It So...)   Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:18 pm

Welcome aboard! Lets talk Smile

The Pokemon Master himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Another Character (Everyone Else Is Doing It So...)   

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Another Character (Everyone Else Is Doing It So...)
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