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 Sean Sampson

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PostSubject: Sean Sampson   Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:42 am

Name: Sean (Michael) Sampson (Michael is a middle name)
Job: New Ranger
Age: 13
He comes from the Almia Region and lived in Chicole Village with his little sister Carly aged 7 and his little brother Ryan aged 12 aswell as his parents. He always was helpful delivering newspapers, helping out his elderly neighbors doing chores for the other families in the village and generally helping people being the kindest and most helpful person you could know and one day John Trenton one of his elderly neighbors recommended him to become a ranger and join the union telling him that he knew Erma and would put in a good word for him if Sean wanted and Sean agreed soon receiving a letter from the Ranger Union asking him to attend the Pokemon Trainer Academy and go to the Ranger sign ups tell them she sent him and learn to become a true ranger having great confidence on him. Along the way to the academy a Squirtle came across his path but he recognized this Squirtle it was from his town and therefore must have went with him the had played together since they were young and he realized Squirtle can't have wanted to let that go joining Sean as his partner pokemon or so he though remembering that he'd have to wait til he was a full ranger for Squirtle to become his partner so allowing him to journey with Sean til then.

Kind and Caring, never a bad word to say about anyone constantly helpful intelligent. Sean is always in the loop and who says you gotta be slightly bad to be cool cause Sean is one of the coolest and sweetest people you could know. Sean's extremely friendly making friends easily and training hard in his studies to become a pokemon ranger.

First Pokemon: Squirtle

Partner Pokemon:
lvl 7
Moves include:
Tackle - Start
Tail Whip - lvl 4
Bubble - lvl 7
Ability: Torrent
Personality: Kind, Friendly, Caring and Helpful the ultimate friend and team-mate for any ranger.
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Sean Sampson
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