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 Pokemon League!!!(All welcome)

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PostSubject: Pokemon League!!!(All welcome)   Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:06 pm

(My new charicter maker is on a ROLE all of the sudden!Here are FIVE new trainers)Tara handed the woman behind the counter her trainer card,pokedex,and eight badges for entrance into the pokemon league."Tara Rowan," Tara said."Very good,"The woman said."Because you have eight badges,you get special room service as a reward for your journey!" "Cool!"Tara said,her gliscor nodding excitedly.Soon,four other trainers came up in line,all presenting eight badges."Max Anne May,"Max said,followed by her twins."Maya May,"Maya said after her sister."Melody May,"Melody said after her twins."Alley Colobro!"Alley said,having Buffy the arcanine drop her badges and trainer badge onto the counter,although they were a bit wet.
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Pokemon League!!!(All welcome)
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