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 Leon Sampson - The forgotten traveller

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PostSubject: Leon Sampson - The forgotten traveller   Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:21 am

Name: Leon Sampson
Job: Trainer and Co-ordinator
Age: 17
When he was born he was a happy child and named Tyson, til one day others from his town saw how friendly and skilled he was with pokemon and some used this to their advantage forcing him into leaving home and eventually when he was battling someone with the gangs pokemon unknowing to what was actually happening the gang was stealing the beaten pokemon. One day though he found out and went to confront them only to get whacked round the head by the gang leader Axel with a metal pole causing him to forget everything including who he was and his life has been dedicated to finding out about it again.

He got his name from a sign from a circus magician poster and used it. His search for the truth has lead him through many regions whilst he avoided a few people who he recognized but didn't know why secretly it was his gang who was following him making sure he was lead back to them, by deliberately stealing clues. He is finally in the academy after finding a lead to his former life about his parents. He has no pokemon cause every time he leaves a region he leaves his pokemon with the professor of that region as their the only people he trusts. His arrival has stirred up trouble due to the gang pursuing but he rises to each situation as it comes.

He re-called all of his pokemon when he arrived at the academy.

Pokemon history:
Growlithe he met when he awoke from his amnesia Growlithe was looking down at him and smiled when Leon awoke. Growlithe appeared to enjoy Leon's company and before He knew it Growlithe had leapt into an empty pokeball and was going with him. It evolved later when playing near a stream and rolled into a stone... a fire stone.

Eevee was found as a baby pokemon weak and alone on a rock nearby Ecruteak city shivering and at first when it saw Leon it tried acting cute as it was worried of being attacked and appealing to the unknown enemies better side yet Leon saw it and instead it slowly stroked it and Eevee saw Leon was friendly leaping into his arms before Leon took a pokeball from his belt and Eevee was going with him happily. Leon later found a ice stone and decided to train near this big anomaly and when Eevee leveled up she evolved into the majestic Glaceon.

Ralts was met in Mossdeep city when following a lead but was being abused by it's trainer and when Leon stepped in and started fighting with the abusive trainer Ralts stole his own pokeball and smashed it with a confusion attack before running off and hiding on a cliff ledge Leon walked off not knowing how he knew how to fight but smiled and Ralts turned up behind Leon when he was by the pokemon center and Decided he was a kind trainer and joined him in an attempt to repay the favor of being helped before. Leon was training with Ralts when another trainer approached requesting a battle and as the battle intensified Ralts started to evolve before turning into the lovely Kirlia then a month later, Leon had went to a pokemon center to find he had been sent a parcel by the regional prof when it was opened it was revealed to have contained a dawn stone which immediately evolved Kirlia into the mighty Gallade.

Riolu was found as an egg on iron island and Leon started to care for it and when it hatched into a Riolu it immediately hugged Leon thinking Leon was it's dad as he was the first one it had seen so Leon put it into a pokeball then let it out and ride on his shoulder whilst his exploration was in progress. it was playing alongside Leon happily when Leon bent down and gave it a scarf (it wears a scarf even as Lucario) Then he went off to play and found a few thing that amused it after it went back to Leon they sat down and relaxed and Riolu was so happy with it's day and it's trainer it evolved into Lucario which has been a great addition to the team.

Zorua was found being fought by a gang of mean Chandelure and was frantically trying to get free so Leon ran straight over and started attacking them ending up quite a considerable bit hurt and had scared them off though Zorua realized the courage eyes widening before it finally followed Leon through two towns til Leon got the message and Caught Zorua allowing it to join him on his journey for the truth. Zorua was battling alongside Leon and his partner Lucario it started to evolve whilst facing a Haunter and it Evolved into a Zoroak just before they reached the academy.

Arty always drawing and having fun. He prefers the element of wind but also doesn't like Paranormal stuff too much as he doesn't believe in it but finds it creepy. He likes Ghost types slightly but prefers to be an all-rounder as he doesn't want to have a main weakness to be beaten with. He always looks out for others if he see's someone's in trouble. He strives to do his best so he can get his life back on track.

First Pokemon: Growlithe


Pokémon: Arcanine
Nickname: Blaze
(Growlithe learnt moves)
Bite - start
Roar - start
Ember - lvl 6
Leer - lvl 9
Odor Sleuth - lvl 14
Helping Hand - lvl 17
Flame Wheel - lvl 20
Reversal - lvl 25
Fire Fang - lvl 28
Flame Burst - lvl 31
Take Down - lvl 34
Flame Thrower - lvl 39
(Arcanine evolved moves)
Thunder Fang - start
Bite - start
Roar - start
Fire Fang - start
Odor Sleuth - start
Extreme speed - lvl 39
Overheat - TM move
Ability: Intimidate
Personality: Serious as is his trainer he picks up on his trainers habits.

Pokémon: Glaceon
Nickname: Frost
Gender: Female
Level: 36
Tail whip - start
Tackle - start
Helping hand - start
Sand attack - lvl 8
Ice Wind - lvl 15
Quick Attack - lvl 22
Bite - lvl 29
Ice Shard - lvl 36
Ability: Adaptability
Personality: Acts as cute as it can, its great for contests but also has a knack for power
Exp: 0

Pokémon: Gallade
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Level: 33
Growl - start
Confusion - lvl 6
Double team - lvl 10
(after evolving to Gallade)
Leaf Blade - start
Night Slash - start
Leer - start
Double Team - start
Teleport - start
Teleport - lvl 12
Fury Cutter - lvl 17
Slash - lvl 22
Heal Pulse - lvl 25
Swords Dance - lvl 31
Psychic - TM move
Ability: Trace
Personality: Always practicing its abilities to grow stronger
Exp: 0

Pokémon: Lucario
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Level: 30
Quick attack - start
Foresight - start
Endure - start
Counter - lvl 6
Force palm - lvl 11
(after evolving to Lucario)
Dark pulse - start
Detect - start
Metal claw - start
Feint - lvl 15
Bone rush - lvl 19
Metal sound - lvl 24
Me first - lvl 29
Ability: Inner focus
Personality: Trustworthy and a bit overprotective of Leon
Exp: 0

Pokémon: Zoroak
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Level: 30
Scratch - start
Leer - start
Pursuit - lvl 5
Fake tears - lvl 9
(after evolving to Zoroak)
U-turn - start
Hone claws - start
Fury swipes - lvl 13
Faint attack - lvl 17
Scary face - lvl 21
Taunt - lvl 25
Foul play - lvl 29
Night slash - lvl 30
Ability: Illusion
Personality: A joker but caring when not playing practical jokes
Exp: 0

Pokémon: Dusknoir
Nickname: Shadow
Gender: Male
Level 40
Fire Punch - Start
Ice Punch - Start
Thunder Punch - Start
Gravity - Start
Bind - Start
Leer - Start
Night Shade - Start
Disable - Start
Foresight - lvl 9
Astonish - lvl 14
Confuse Ray - lvl 17
Shadow Sneak - lvl 22
Pursuit - lvl 25
Curse - lvl 30
Will-O-Wisp - lvl 33
Shadow Punch - lvl 37
Ability: Pressure
Personality: Acts cool and tough but can actually be quite a softy.
Exp: 0

(With Prof. Oak)

Pokémon: Magby
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Level: 30
Smog - start
Leer - start
Ember - lvl 7
SmokeScreen - lvl 10
Faint Attack - lvl 16
Fire Spin - lvl 19
Confuse Ray - lvl 25
Flame Burst - lvl 28
Ability: Flame Body
Personality: Really Friendly almost overly friendly loving affection and travelling with his trainer.
Exp: 0

(yeah one from each region)
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Leon Sampson - The forgotten traveller
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