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 New way to battle

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PostSubject: New way to battle   Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:29 pm

I know I'm not an admin but doing this will make a battle more fair for sure. We don't need people saying that they used a one hitter and it hit right away. HELL NO! So I've used some rules that are farily common in all topics!

The first person will attack, the second person will respond to this post and may also counterattack. This will go back and forth until somebody wins. You do NOT call the hits against your opponent, its up to them to decide what happens. Here is a brief example.

Player A: Goku ran forwards across the ground towards Raditz, he got up close, jumped and then swung his leg round towards Raditz's head.

Player B: Raditz blocked the kick with his forearm and pushed sideways to try and throw Goku off balance. At the same time he fired a ki ball with his free hand at Goku's chest.

Player A: Goku was hit in the chest by the blast sending him flying backwards. He skid across the ground, bouncing like a pebble across the surface of a lake before eventually coming to a stop. He raised himself to a standing position a wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth. Goku crouched down slightly and cupped his hands behind him, a ball of blue energy forming between them. "Kame..." The ball began to grow in size, "Hame..." The ball had reached roughly the size of a basketball and was glowing with an intense light, "HA!!!"
Goku brought both arms forward, palms facing towards Raditz, suddenly a massive blue beam shot through the air towards Raditz.

Like that ^_^

Fighting, is give and take. It is NOT a good idea to dodge and block every single hit your opponent throws at you since you will probably be accused of godmodding.
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New way to battle
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