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 First Day in Trainer Class-Chaotic Already

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PostSubject: First Day in Trainer Class-Chaotic Already   Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:23 pm

Hoshi lightly tapped on the door to the classroom, and she heard a voice say:
"Come in."
She opened the door and walked in, her Zweilous flying close behind.
"Oh, you must be the new student?" The teacher questioned.
Hoshi nodded.
The teacher smiled at her and turned back to the class.
"Everyone, this is our new student, Hoshi. She has transferred here from her Ranger work in Oblivia. Please give her a warm welcome." He glanced at Hoshi again. "Would you like to introduce your self to the class?"
Hoshi nodded and replied "My name is Hoshi Saito. I am a rank 10 ranger from Kanto. I worked at Oblivia, while going back to Kanto at Vacation times to compete in the Pokemon League. This is my Zweilous, Sora."
The teacher gestured her to sit down in the empty seat at the back of the room.
Hoshi sat down in the seat, as her Zweilous rested one of it's heads on her lap.
The teacher continued his lesson.
"As you see, X Attacks and X Defends can be used in battle but their power wear off when- Gah!" Suddenly, he was drenching wet, as a rain cloud floated above his head, still pouring rain drops.
Some students snickered and giggled at the sight.
Then one by one, it started hailing on someone, then extreme sunlight, then rain again.
The teacher looked furious, as he bellowed: "Is this someone's idea of a prank?" But the moment the words left his mouth, he tripped on a puddle an landed face first on the floor.
Suddenly a student pointed to the window.
"Look! It's a Castform!"
The small cloud Pokemon floated in.
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PostSubject: Re: First Day in Trainer Class-Chaotic Already   Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:12 pm

Red was also in the class during his break before teaching the co-ordinator class he notices the castform and sighed "Realy i dont want to feel under the weather"
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First Day in Trainer Class-Chaotic Already
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