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 Shopping for Things

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Kai Asteri

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PostSubject: Shopping for Things   Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:51 am

Kai Walks Into The Store with Shimmer And Dazzle Trailing Behind Him. "Ok Guys," He Says, "Each Of You Can Pick Out One Thing." Shimmer And Dazzle Look Excited And Dash Off Into The Store. O.O "Fast" Kai Mutters To Him Self. Kai Strolls To The Coordinators Isle And Grabs A Basket. He Then Procedes To Fill it With A New Tuxedo, Three Top Hats, Two Mini Tux's, And A Twelve Pound Canister Of Glitter. Kai Walks To the Check out Counter. "OK! SHIMMER, DAZZLE, IM PAYING."
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Shopping for Things
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