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 Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

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PostSubject: Happy Happy Happy Birthday!   Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:45 am

Greg walked into the post office.

"Got mail!" The postman said.

"Thanks Jim." Greg walked in, and grabbed the package, it was from Nurse Joy.

"Well about time I heard from her." He started to tear away at the package, he was pretty excited he must admit, but when he finished opening his mind blurred, and his actions showed anything but excitement. There was a card and upon it it said "Happy Birthday"... Greg's mind flashed, he could smell burning wood, then metal, then flesh.

He grabbed his head, the visions were gruesome. There were some Rokcet Grunts behind him... He had to run, he felt his legs moving, then there was a figure. He could steal smell that horrible smell, burning flesh. Before he knew it he was staring into the package, he sat down. The present was a pokemon egg. It was already inside the incubater. He looked around and sat back down.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy Happy Happy Birthday!   Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:43 pm

Max had been standing at the door way with her twins when she noticed what was hapening. her twins saw it,as well,and the triplets started to walk over to him,realised he might shout at them or something for bringing it up,and walked quickly toward the counter."Hi,"Max said."I'm Max,and these are my twin sisters,Melody and Maya,and we were wondering if a package has arrived."
Jim shook his head."Sorry,that was the only package today. but i see you have something to mail,"He pointed at the envolope in Melody's partner,MimeJr's hand."Yeah,"Melody said."We promised everyone back home we'd send 'em a letter as soon as we arrived here."Maya explained as MimeJr hopped onto the desk and handed the evelope to Jim.
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Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
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