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 New ranger called Scarlet

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PostSubject: New ranger called Scarlet   Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:55 pm

Name: Scarlet
Job: Ranger
Age: 12
Bio: As a young girl scarlet always had a strong sense of justice. Her parents being part of the local police squad probably had something to do with it. She grew up in a household full of fire type Pokémon as her parents were obsessed with them and they eventually got Scarlet her own Magby, which she soon nicknamed Pyro because of the strange P mark on it’s belly. As Scarlet grew older she fell in love with Pokémon rangers and decided that she would love to become one herself. She’d play around for ages with her toy stylus pretending to convey friendship to Pokémon. On her 12th birthday Scarlet finally got her wish, her parents were going to send her to Pokémon academy so she could fulfil her dream of becoming a ranger.
Personality: Loves the outdoors and has a way of befriending even the most aggressive of Pokémon. Friendly to everyone except people who abuse or misuse Pokémon.
First Pokémon: Magby (shiny)

Pokémon: Pyro (shiny Magby)
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New ranger called Scarlet
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