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 Welcome MrSABadass

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PostSubject: Welcome MrSABadass   Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:47 am

Name: Isamu Hue
Job: Trainer
Age: 17
Bio: Isamu grew up on a quiet island far out, it's not a region nor is it even close to any regions around it. It's a small and very isolated island. It was this island that his career as a pokemon trainer began. When he was five he went surfing and a Carvanah bit his board sending him face first into the water. The impact plus the water now insde caused him to blackout. He awoke with a young Buizel staring at him, it licked his face and cuddled with him. He went back to his father who gave him a pokeball, which he used to capture Buizel. They became the best of friends. When he turned 15 he and Buizel were quite the team, but there rumbling noise one day and the islands volcano erupted, it burned everything in his path. Him and his village grabbed all the boats and headed for water, his little brother however had taken too long and wasn't on a boat. Isamu jumped out of the water and swam over to his little brother who was on the edge of the island, of course everyone of the island knew how to swim, it was customary. Once there he picked up his little bro and began to run to the water, he felt heat rise behind him and somthing sting his foot, he was right on the edge of the island he threw his brother into the water, but continued to feel the sting, he turned and a giant wave of lava knocked him in the side and threw him into the water. There was long operation, and he was able to make it through, but half of his body is burned, there just flakes of skin, or bloody skin, they wrap bandages all around his left side to hide it, they even put a wrap to cover half of his face. It was after this experience that Isamu no longer feared anything or anyone.
Personaltity: He's Kind and caring, and nothing you say or do will change that, but he will fight if he has too.
First Pokemon: Buizel
Appearance: I beleive I described him well enough in the history, oh yeah he has blood red hair that spikes up.
Pokemon: Buizel
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Welcome MrSABadass
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