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 School house trouble

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PostSubject: School house trouble   Wed May 25, 2011 2:15 pm

Greg sat in his desk with his hands folded. Harley was right next to him messing with his hat. A couple more minutes passed before the teacher finally came in.

"Finally..." Greg said under his breath. The teacher gave him a disapproving look. He then introduced himself. Greg accidently fell asleep while Harley tried to catch every word. Unfortunatley, Harley had eaten way too many sweets and was really hyper and when the teacher talked again Harley blurted.

"Yall's chin flaps around when you talk." The hole room went to giggling, Harley however didn't know what he said, he felt the sugar rush floow through him. He was asked to go out into the hall. Greg was still asleep but woke up and started to copy Harley's notes... which were covered in drawings of muffins, little stick figures, and a family of cowboys... Greg threw it away.

The teacher walked back in but not with Harley. Greg started to grin as the class continued to giggle.
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School house trouble
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