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 Days Just Don't Go As Planned

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PostSubject: Days Just Don't Go As Planned   Sun May 15, 2011 1:33 pm

Hana walked through the classroom door with Bolt and Tsunade by her side. "You're late, Hana" her mother scolded her.
"Oh shoot me" Hana replied angrily. She took her seat and saw that Emily had the seat to the right hand side of her.
"Hey there, Twee-Twee! This just isn't your day, is it? I mean, you have your lovely cousin sat next to you in your extra curricular class and your ma's the teacher! Haha!". Hana ignored her snide remark and focused on the front of the class. Her mother was babbling on about status problems until she began a conversation with Hana. "Hana, could I please have Tsunade back for the remainder of this lesson? You know that she's my partner and she helps me out with my lessons. And besides, there's only about 25 minutes left because you decided to waltz in here late".
"Take her, I don't care..." she muttered back as she gently kicked the Garchomp on her backside to signal her to go to the front.
"What the heck's up with you?" Emily whispered. Hana just ignored her and rested her chin in her hand.
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Days Just Don't Go As Planned
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