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 Research On the Role!

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Cynthia Maple

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PostSubject: Research On the Role!   Thu May 05, 2011 11:52 am

Cynthia decided today should be the day she enters the post office since it has been weeks since her last visit. Cynthia walks over to her mailbox and opens it. Inside the mailbox, there were ten items.
1- A Pokedex from Professor Juniper
2- A Pokegear from Professor Elm with contacts of all the Professors
3- Poketech from the Poketech Company
4- Membership Card to buck's place in Sinnoh
5- Villa deed in Hoenn
6- Three Pokeballs containing the Unova starters
7- All my Pokeballs Professor Birch looked after
8- A disc containing information
9- Sample of Sacred Ash
10- One Masterball

"This is something, beside the note to my pokedex, I am now being hired for becoming a Professor and I can still remain here. Once the summer comes, I will head stright to Hoenn to see who left me the deed. The only question besides who gave me what and what for is why do i have all the Unova starters?" Cynthia said with her finger on her chin.
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Research On the Role!
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