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 Sherry LeBlanc (Flame of the Abyss)

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PostSubject: Sherry LeBlanc (Flame of the Abyss)   Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:25 am

Name: Sherry Allison LeBlanc

Job: Trainer/Coordinater

Age: 14

Bio: Sherry was born in Cerulean City, to a Father from Cinnabar Island and a Mother from Lavender town. Being raised between these two people made her a unique trainer. Focusing on the raw strength of Fire and the mystery of Darks. This made her a pretty potent trainer and coordinate, being able to differentiate when to use what and how to manipulate both into a simple combo of destruction. Leaving home around her 10th birthday, she traveled the world for a while, looking for her own pokemon and eventually caught two of her own. An Eevee and a Torchik. Raising her pokemon up, she eventually got accepted into the Pokemon Academy, as a Trainer and a Coordinator.

Personaltity: Sherry is a calm girl. Outside of battle she enjoys being in the company of others, laughing and hanging out. Inside of battle though, she maintains her calm personality usually staying on the offensive, and dancing through a battle.

First Pokemon: Yes


Pokemon: Eevee, Torchik.
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Sherry LeBlanc (Flame of the Abyss)
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