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 Dexter Sandez

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PostSubject: Dexter Sandez   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:09 am

Name: Dexter Sandez

Job: Trainer/ Teacher

Age: 19

Bio: Dexter set his mind to be a pokemon master when he was about 6. Hes learnt a lot since then and knows that to win you need to be calm, he has tried excersise this in his defeated opponents, his preffered types are Ghost, Flying, Grass, Fire and Water. He also has his fahion sense, he reckons if you win, look good doing it. he left his home-town(You could call it) Cinnabar Island, since then hes defeated the Kanto Elite 4, passed the Hoen league and has explored the Johto Region. Hes a very experienced trainer and is actually looking to open his own gym. Dexter has always beleived that his dad was the most powerful....until he discovered that he was a fraud, Dexter was only 9 when this happened.He was crushed, the person he tried to emulate, the man he looked up to, didn't even have a Lv. 10 pokemon. From then on Dexter promised he'd never become that, he'd never destroy a person like his dad did to him.

Personaltity: Dexters cool, calm and in control, even though he can be serious most of the time, Dexter actually has his own small "library" in his suitcase. these books are filled with jokes and humour. Dexter acts like this to try and show he's tough stuff. He trys to hide his true face, he can close up a lot, but he's actually a real good guy, trust me, he is someone youll'd want as a friend. If get in his good books, he can stick uup for you a lot. It can look like he wants to be the "Big Cheese", but he preferes the back-seat.



Growlithe Lv. 34
Charizard Lv. 45
Drifbloom Lv. 12
Starmie Lv. 32
Leafeon Lv. 23
Marowak Lv. 25
(SECRET): Palkia Lv. 67
(SECRET): Dusknoir Lv. 55
(SECRET): Wailord Lv. 45
Scizor Lv. 30
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Specialized Master: Water

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PostSubject: Re: Dexter Sandez   Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:40 pm

You do realize you can't have all of those pokemon yet, right? I mean, does nobody read the rules? Most importantly, you can't have a legendary, even if you're an admin.

Hi though, but edit your pokemon.

Don't you like Mudkip?

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Dexter Sandez
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