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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pokemon! At this Pokemon Academy you will be taught to become a Pokemon Trainer, Breeder, Ranger, Watcher, or Researcher; and now Pokemon.
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 Edward Arrives to the academy

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PostSubject: Edward Arrives to the academy   Sat May 09, 2009 8:23 pm

Edward sighed as he continued walking down the route to the academy. He had his bag slung over his right shoulder and his hands where in his pockets. He hated school!

"I hate my parents for making me go to this stupid academy." Edward mumbled to himself. He saw a fairly large sized rock in the middle of the route. Edward rolled his eyes as he approached it and kicked it out of the route, in to a nearby river.

The rock splashed in to the river and Edward continued on. Suddenly, there was a large cry from where the rock had landed. Edward stopped walking and looekd behind him. The rock turned out to be a Geodude! And it was angry now!

Edward yelped in shock and whirled down the route towards the academy. He dashed at full speed as the sun began rising over the horizon. Suddenly, the Geodude slammed its fist in to his back as he almost reached the gate.

Edward coughed loudly and slammed in to the earth underneath him. He waited a few minutes to see if the Geodude would hurt him anymore, but the Geodude left after that. It must've gotten its anger out in one hit.

Edward stood up and rubbed his head. He had slammed his head in to the ground pretty hard. He turned around, still rubbing his head, and entered the gate of the new academy. So far he wasn't liking the school year.

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Edward Arrives to the academy
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