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 Newbie here.. CLOUD!!!

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PostSubject: Newbie here.. CLOUD!!!   Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:29 pm

Name:Corey Cloud
Job: Trainer
Age: 16
Bio: Born in the Hoenn region, and Developed quite a bit of knowledge and skills as a child. His father was a trainer, a great trainer, and so when Cloud turned 16 he received his first pokemon. A Sandshrew, He received a pokeball for his birthday, and his father had loaned him his pokemon. He wanted Cloud to Capture one, he found sandshrew being hit by teens with sticks on a dirt path outside of his hometown of Littleroot Town. He challenged one of the boys to a pokebattle, if he won they left, if he lost, they stay and he leaves. So the battle commenced, Cloud had won and the kids had left, he rushed the pokemon to a nearby pokelab. Where Proffessor Birch Worked at, He helped care for it for two days. He returned his fathers pokemon and went to pick up sandshrew to release it. It didnt want to leave. So he used his fathers pokemon and caught it.
Personaltity:Caring, sometimes bad tempered, He will do anything to protect his pokemon. He plays a bit of an agressive game, and is very intellegent, he always dozed off in the academy.
First Pokemon: Sandshrew

Pokemon: Sandshrew
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Newbie here.. CLOUD!!!
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