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 Applying For A Pokemon Teacher.

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PostSubject: Applying For A Pokemon Teacher.   Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:01 pm

Teacher Sheet


Job: Teacher, Watcher

Age: 21

Bio: Monkey's real name isn't known to anyone arround, it's said his parents don't even tell people his real name. Monkey is a great pokemon reasearcher. He first recived Squirtle from Prof. Oak, but didn't leave right away. He said and talked with Prof. Oak for hours. He's become a pretty good battle after his journy started 10 years ago. Once he turned 18, he had collected all eight gym badges of Kanto, and went back to help Prof. Oak as one of Prof. Oak's aides. He started to do his own research once Tracey Sketchit came to help Prof. Oak. After this Monkey noticed the Pokemon Academy, and decided to apply as a teacher to help new trainers learn.

Personaltity: Monkey is a quiet man, but very smart. He seems very nice, and tries to help out asmany people as possible. Monkey is also very strong, and if you make him mad he might resort to violance, very rare that this will happen.


Pokemon: Squirtle, Aipom, Primeape, and Flygon
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Applying For A Pokemon Teacher.
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