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 Jordan's Training

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PostSubject: Jordan's Training   Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:51 pm

Jordan walked into the large training gym dressed in his new work out clothes consisting of a black muscle shirt, green basketball shorts and basketball shoes.
"Alright guys cmon out!"
Taking 3 pokeballs out of his pack he released Charmander, onix and electabuzz
"Ok guys we'll do an hour work out to try out some moves, then we'll break for lunch, ok?"
Charmander and Onix made sounds of approvall while Electabuzz merely stared at him with its arms crossed
"She's a fiesty one" He thought to himself "Its guna take some work to get her to trust me"
Jordan took his large gym bag from around his shoulders and brought out some props, a dummy with a target sign on its chest, a few medium sized boulders and some hula hoops
Setting them up, he said "Onix your station is the dummy, try attacking it from different angles with your headbutt trying to lang on the target sign." "Charmander try and focus your ember attacks so that they go through the hoops without touching them" "And last Electabuzz, i know that you have the power to learn iron tail so if you could try and work on breaking a boulder with that attack"
The pokemon went to their respective stations and begun their tasks but not before aa snort could be heard from Electabuzz.
Smiling to himself, Jordan began his own workout and dropped down to start his pushups
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Jordan's Training
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