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 Here and different don't hate me.

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PostSubject: Here and different don't hate me.   Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:38 pm

(Holy cow I finally found you guys- my sign in info worked but you looked so different and...! Calm down, Comy, calm down....But I wonder if everyone I knew is still even here...But if I'm wrong, please tell me the likelihood that there's another site with a kid with exact same signin info as me. I'll be writing for different characters this time, since I've forgotten what Comy was even like... I'll miss her though....let me know if there are new rules I should know or if I'm breaking one right now. Griffin is a girl, has one Dunsparce, and is fourteen years old.)
Griffin Quiller took a deep breath and stepped up to the doors of the Pokemon Trainer Academy. She wondered what kind of life she would lead here starting now. She felt Spacer squirming some in its pokeball and took it off of her belt.
"Calm down- we're all nervous here!"she said in a soft, caring voice, and pulled her satchel further up on her shoulder, shifted her feet, and made sure her bright auburn bangs were out of her haze, eyes before pushing her glasses up on her nose and looking up at the doors again. She sucked in a deep breath, replace her Dunsparce on her belt, pushed through the doors, ran into someone, and fell on her rear end.
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Here and different don't hate me.
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