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 Samuel Lawrence

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Samuel Lawrence

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PostSubject: Samuel Lawrence   Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:16 am

Name: Samuel Lawrence

Job: Trainer

Age: 16

Bio: Samuel grew up in the Unova region, living with his grandparents. One day, Samuel was exploring Chargestone Cave, when a Joltik latched itself to Sam's back. Sam ran out of the cave, flailing around wildly into a nearby forest-like area. Sam tripped, and looked up to see several Venipede surrounding him. Sam thought he was finished, but then the Joltik used Thunder wave on the Venipede so the two could escape. Ever since then, the Joltik has been Sam's partner.

Personality: Samuel is a kind, thoughtful person. A bit brash, and somewhat silly. Sam is incredibly intelligent for his age, and, has a fear of all Bug Pokemon, except for Joltik and Galvantula.

First Pokemon: Tesla the Joltik.


Pokemon: Tesla the Joltik. Met at lvl 7, currently lvl 17. Known Moves: Electroweb, Fury Cutter, Thunderbolt, Leech Life.
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Samuel Lawrence
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