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 Drew Tulcake

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PostSubject: Drew Tulcake   Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:57 am

Student Sheet

Name: Drew Tulcake

Job: Trainer (Dreams of becoming greatest Pokémon Warrior)

Age: 11

Bio: Orphaned at a young age Drew was raised by a prominent Pokémon Trainer in Kanto. The trainer become as good to him as a father and he grew up a pretty happy go lucky kid. When he turned 10 he decided that he would go on a journey but his father figure pointed him in the direction of the academy first saying that he believe Drew would be a good candidate. Drew agreed and spent one year preparing for the academy in which he caught his first Pokémon Blitz (Growlithe). He has come to the academy to hopefully fulfill his dream of becoming the greatest Pokémon Warrior.


Brave: In the face of nature Drew is super brave. He will climb any mountain and delve into any cave. He loves the outdoors and nothing in the outdoors scares him. His is also brave in the face of Pokémon being strong willed.

Relaxed: Having grown up a pretty happy kid with no major issues other then being an orphan Drew is very relaxed and mellow. He enjoys going with the flow and seeing how things turn out. He enjoys reading and looking at clouds when he is not training with his Pokémon.

Timid: Around people Drew is super timid he is always afraid that people are judging him whether it be for being an orphan or being a little different.

Quiet: Drew is super quiet he uses his actions to speak for him more then his words.

Gentle: Drew is super gentle when it comes to all living things along with anything nature. He feels that using a gentle hand instead of a firm one makes his Pokémon grow more.

First Pokemon: Yes a Growlithe named Blitz

Pokemon: Growlithe named Blitz. Blitz is very rash and usually runs head long into situations that get him and Drew in trouble. Drew caught Blitz during his year of preparation for the academy. Blitz is a Growlithe with lightning bolt patterned stripes. He is currently level 10 and knows Bite, Roar and Ember

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Drew Tulcake
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