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 I got dragged back.... Not that I mind!

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PostSubject: I got dragged back.... Not that I mind!   Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:26 am

Ive been busy wih school and being on an all girls RP site and well trying to become a better RPer. So yeah... I'm back cuz MarioandSonicmad told me to come back. ((Jokeing lol!)) So yeah hi... I'm just goanna do a revamped version of my charries.

Tala (Redgrave) Shinju
Co-ordinator and Trainer
12 and 1/2
Well she lived with her uncles and cousins. She was lead to believe on of her uncles was her dad and her cousins was her siblings but well since attending the academy has learned otherwise. She has met her brother since coming here and her real parents even though it was a bit awkward and complicated. Back home she picked up many hobbies when she was younger and often helped her cousin who was a breeder. Her cousin gave her an Absol who she named Instinct. And she has had many Pokemon before attending the academy. Now she has a new team to return to the academy after a little bit of a visit home. She has tried to win gym badges and ribbons. She had entered a few contest but hasn't won any but has won two gym badges during her visit home.
Well her personality has changed greatly. She was a shy timid girl, but when she first came here she had changed dramatically. Becoming confident and fast on her feet. She has a bit of a temper but is more stubborn than a buffolant. She likes a good challenge and has been trying to help her pokemon as she loved them dearly. She has became slightly sly as she often floats about like a cat she now does do a few disappearing acts but she does return.
First pokemon:
Instinct a female absol.
Appearence: ((she's thinking of putting in extensions until her hair grows back.))


Name: Instinct
Gender: Female
Species: Disaster Pokemon
Moves: Attract
Perish song
Dark Pulse

Name: Band
Gender: Male
Species: Scratch Cat Pokemon
moves: Pay Day
Shadow Ball

Name: Stripes
Gender: Male
Species: Legendry Pokemon
Moves: Extremespeed
Flame Trhower
Fire Spin
Blast Burn

Name: Blitz
Gender: Malw
Species: Chick pokemon
Moves: Ember

Narri Williams

Watcher and Trainer
13 and 1/2
Narri Lived in Unova with her twin sister. She often went to Challenger's cave to go and train when she wasn't in the Dojo learning Ninjutsu. She often meditated there but she couldn't excell in ninjutsu until she had a Pokemon partner. One day while meditating she met a young enthusiastic Riolu who she later named Skyrim. Since then she has been partners with this Pokemon and has caught many pokemon that have been helpful to her dream if being a great ninja.
Narri is an observant person who likes to be in the background. Although when she talks its in a slightly mysterious and wise tone she likes to make sure her friends and family are fine willing to do anything to protect them and tries to help as much as possible. Narri has over her time with friends became compassionate and friendly thoughzs
First Pokemon:
Skyrim a male Riolu


Name: Skyrim
Gender: Male
Species: Emanation Pokemon
Moves: Detect
Aura Sphere
Force Palm
Iron Tail

Name: Ivy
Gender: Female
Species: Grass Snake Pokemon
Moves: Vine Whip
Leaf Blade
Aqua Tail
Leaf Tornado

Name: Camalot
Gender: Male
Species: Feeling Pokemon
Moves: Magical Leaf
Future Sight
Fire Punch
Grass Knot

Nat Williams
Breeder and Trainer
13 and 1/2
Well she lived with her twin sister back home in Unova. She was always curious about the powers of witchcraft and so trained with her mother to be a witch. She creatsd a little demonic creature (in pic) with her powers which often hides in her shadow she hen received a Lillipup to train with. She gave hem both the same name to confuse others. She had trained with her Lillipup mostly using it as her test dummy. she often had fun and a laugh with her Lillipup. Recently after journeying home she has embraced her magic completely and became a full fledged witch changing slightly.
Nat is a sweet and bubbly girl who is a bit of a clutz often getting things wrong especially in magic although as she has gotten older she has improved. Since becoming full fledged she has become slightly more serious but is still pretty laid back. She is mostly fun loving and is happy to hang about and had a joke.
First Pokemon:
Kiba a male Lillipup ---> Herdier


Name: Kiba
Gender: Male
Species: Loyal dog Pokemon
Moves: Giga Impact
Shadow Ball

Name: Comet
Gender: Male
Species: Cerebral Pokemon
Moves: Psybeam
Rock Slide
Energy Ball

Name: Sparkle
Gender: Female
Species: Evolution Pokemon
Move: Tackle
Shadow Ball

The Pokemon Master himself.

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PostSubject: Re: I got dragged back.... Not that I mind!   Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:13 am

I c u
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I got dragged back.... Not that I mind!
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