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 Milani Smith

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PostSubject: Milani Smith   Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:53 pm

Student Sheet
Name: Milani Smith
Job: Coordinator
Age: 17
Bio: Milani was born in Hoenn at Sootopolis town, her parents were rich and all but didn't care for Milani since when she was born the parents were expecting a male as they do have five other girls known as Poppi, Mimmi, Lilly, Zoey and Clementine. The only one who really cared for Milani in the family was Clementine, she was like a best friend to her even if Clementine was only 12 and five years younger than her. Milani also had a boyfriend before she left for the academy he was a Coordinator and a Breeder to tell the truth, they both trained together everyday and knew one day that they may battle each-other in any contest. Milani received a Eevee from her Boyfriend which is Bryson, it was a birthday gift and was the only one as well, Milani never receives presents not even from her family, she trained her Eevee as much as she could it was what gave her protection. Milani told only Clementine and Bryson that she was escaping Home to go for a Academy at least an actual Academy could care for her and her Pokemon.


  • Friendly
  • Romantic Seeker
  • Pokemon Lover
  • Good
  • Loves the beach
  • Water, Fire and Psychic type lover.
  • Surfer
  • Loves Fashion
  • Perfectionist


First Pokemon: Vaporeon
Nickname: Melody
Gender: Female
Personality: Docile
Level: 35
Moves: Quick Attack, Aurora Beam, Aqua Ring, Water Pulse.
Ability: Water Absorb

Pokemon: Gardevoir
Nickname: Grace
Gender: Female
Personality: Graceful
Level: 33
Moves: Magical Leaf, Teleport, Heal Pulse, Psyshock
Ability: Telepathy

Pokemon: Delcatty
Nickname: Rose
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet
Level: 33
Moves: Blizzard, Sing, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball.
Ability: Cute Charm

Pokemon: Swablu
Nickname: Ethan
Gender: Male
Personality: Cheeky
Level: 32
Moves: Mist, Round, Hidden Power, Fury Attack.
Ability: Natural Cure

Pokemon: Lilligant
Gender: Female
Level: 30
Moves: Aromatherapy, Quiver Dance, Stun Spore, Magical Leaf
Ability: Chlorophyll

Pokemon: Hunter
Gender: Male
Level: 31
Moves: Fire Spin, Dark Pulse, Extrasensory, Faint Attack.
Ability: Drought
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PostSubject: Re: Milani Smith   Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:31 am

Welcome! C:
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Milani Smith
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