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 from a deserted island to an academy... nice change!

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PostSubject: from a deserted island to an academy... nice change!   Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:56 am

(yes, i know this is an existing story, but i LOVE battle royale and BR2 and i've wanted to do this for a LONG while)

Name: Reika Kurosawa
age: 16
job: trainer
personality: shy,quiet,mysterious and secretive but normally very sweet, gentle and polite
bio: Reika was a bright and happy junior high student until she was forced into the most recent Battle Royale 5 months ago. this changed her completely as most of her friends ended up dying and she became very solitary. while avoiding the goverment officials who were after her(keeping in mind that she was wanted for murder to hide the brutality of the BR act) her only friend left,Shintaro Keikoro, gave her a pokemon and suggested she goes to pokemon academy,so she did
first pokemon: Sakura, a shiny cherubi that recntly evolved into cherrim
appearance: not seen: she wears a necklace made of a string tied around a grenade pin,which is one of a few last memories of her best friend,midoko, who was killed in battle royale. she also has a blood covered dark grey cloth around her wrist, covering her huge scar from BR and she calls it a tribute to all of her classmates who died.
Pokemon: Sakura*
species: shiny Cherrim
move set: sunny day
petal dance
lucky chant
* sakura is different from other cherrim,as it is always in sunshine form

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from a deserted island to an academy... nice change!
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